Lime Rendering in Guildford, Horsham, Dorking and the Surrounding Areas

Whilst often considered an ancient building material, lime rendering has launched a successful comeback due to its many benefits. Our building contractors at C Ansell & Sons Ltd excel at this traditional rendering method, frequently using it during our historic preservation and sustainable construction services in Guildford, Horsham, Dorking and the surrounding areas we cover throughout Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

The process is a specialist one that should be carried out by experienced tradesmen. If you’re considering using lime mortar in your new build or listed building refurbishment project, please contact us first to learn more about our professional services.


The Benefits of Lime Rendering

There are several reasons why lime rendering is considered one of the most reliable building materials available. These include the following:


By allowing water to pass through your property, the lime render prevents a buildup of moisture in the walls. This reduces the risk of condensation or dampness and benefits our clients living in older properties. C Ansell & Sons’ rendering services will save your home or commercial premises from structural damage caused by dampness and mould whilst reducing potential health risks.


Lime mortar is completely environmentally friendly. Firstly, the limestone used as a raw material is heated at a lower temperature than cement, meaning less energy is required. The material can also be produced on a smaller scale than other building products. No pesticides are used in its production either, and its carbon-neutral qualities make lime an ideal green and fully recyclable building solution.


As a flexible and mouldable material, it’s easy for our building contractors to work with lime render. It bonds easily with masonry and stone, remaining supple and pliable as a building naturally expands and contracts over time. Standard cement rendering may crack and break away when this occurs. The finer particles in lime rendering also allow it to penetrate deeper into the masonry for a more reliable and longer-lasting bond.


Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Known for its stunning ageing qualities, lime dissolves salt deposits, which can affect the beauty of older buildings. It’s now enjoying a comeback with modern structures benefitting from its strength and durability, such as The Shard in London.

Lime rendering is used in the following applications by our professional building contractors at C Ansell & Sons in Guildford, Horsham, Dorking and the surrounding areas:

  • Masonry Wall Coating

  • Historic Preservation

  • Sustainable Construction

  • Traditional Rendering Refurbishments

  • Internal Decoration and Specialist Finishes

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