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In addition to our listed building renovations and other specialist services, our building contractors at C Ansell & Sons Ltd are also locally regarded as a leading authority in restoring Horsham stone roofing. This stunning material is widely recognised throughout Horsham, Dorking, Guildford and the surrounding areas in Surrey, Sussex and Kent, protecting ecclesiastical buildings, castles and listed buildings across the counties.

As our website gallery will show, we strive to preserve this fine-grained sandstone as it remains part of our heritage, having worked with it since our company’s beginnings in 1791.

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Heritage Roofing - A History of Horsham Stone Roofing Slates

Horsham stone dates back to The Early Cretaceous Epoch (c. 130 million years ago), forming sandbanks and river sediments across the West Sussex area. Due to its formation, the sandstone displays a ripple effect due to its original positioning along the sea bed. This makes it wholly unique, and its anti-slip properties are only one of the reasons why it became a popular choice amongst ancient builders.

The Romans began using Horsham stone as roofing slates over 2,000 years ago as the material could be easily split into narrow pieces for layering over each other in a smooth and durable manner. Examples of this now highly sought-after heritage roofing can be found on the following buildings in Surrey, Sussex and Kent:

  • Manor Houses and Tudor Properties

  • Churches and Ecclesiastical Buildings

  • Traditional Dovecotes

  • Mills and Historic Farm Buildings

  • Grade I and Grade II* Listed Buildings


Traditional Roofing Methods

Our building contractors at C Ansell & Sons are exceptionally skilled in the design and construction of Horsham stone roofing. As an 8th-generation building company, we’ve retained some of the building methods used by our ancestors to ensure the historical importance of this beautiful sandstone. These include the single-lapping method specific to the Horsham area and the more substantial double-lapping roofing style.

We also use traditional nailing techniques where possible. These include wooden and non-corrosive copper nails.

Repairs and Renovation Services

Are you looking for an experienced, knowledgeable and reliable company to repair your existing Horsham stone roofing? If so, C Ansell & Sons’ team of building contractors is exactly what you need. We take the time to ensure the stability of your roof, carefully inspecting it in advance for signs of damage or wear and tear. Not only that, but we will also remove old mortar and moss, thoroughly cleaning the stone to restore its original glory. Our repairs and renovations will use as much of the existing stone as possible, ensuring your Horsham, Dorking or Guildford property’s roof remains true to its historical beginnings.

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