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C Ansell & Sons has offered specialist lime rendering services in Dorking since 1791. An 8th-generation building company, we are a leading name for new building and restoration projects throughout Surrey, Sussex and Kent. Besides our well-regarded traditional rendering work, we perform listed building renovations, including Grade I and Grade II building renovations.

Our highly skilled building contractors also design and build new barn conversions for our clients, and we offer a range of existing barn renovations for outbuildings in need of some TLC. In addition to these services, we specialise in installing Horsham stone roofing and heritage roofing slates.

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Lime Mortar Throughout the Ages

Lime rendering has a rich history in construction, dating back to Roman and Egyptian civilisations. Due to its exceptional binding properties and the ability to create durable and resilient structures, lime has become one of the most widely used building materials. The earliest forms involved mixing the lime with sand to create mortar, a key component in the stability of ancient building structures.

One of the notable benefits of lime mortar is its versatility. The mortar allows for flexibility in construction, accommodating slight movements in the building without compromising its integrity. It also promotes breathability, preventing moisture buildup and reducing the risk of mould and decay – one of the reasons why our historical buildings in Dorking and throughout the UK have survived over the past centuries.

Furthermore, the process is environmentally friendly, as lime production releases significantly less carbon dioxide than traditional cement manufacturing. Its sustainability and historic success in construction have led to a resurgence of interest in lime rendering in contemporary building practices.

As experts in Horsham stone roofing and listed building renovations, our building contractors at C Ansell & Sons can also blend the mortar with coloured sand to ensure any rendering and pointing matches the property we’re working on. This is particularly beneficial for clients looking to have their new barn conversions complement any surrounding buildings.

How Our Building Company Can Help You

C Ansell & Sons’ team of specialist building contractors share over two centuries of trade experience. Call us today for any of the following bespoke services in Dorking or the surrounding areas:

  • Lime Rendering and Pointing

  • Traditional Rendering Methods

  • Heritage Roofing Slates

  • Horsham Stone Roofing

  • Converted Barn Renovations

  • New Barn Conversions

  • Listed Building Renovations

  • Grade I and Grade II Building Renovations

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